Topkapi Palace and Harem Tour

Why to Book Topkapi Palace & Harem Tour

Booking the Topkapi Palace & Harem Tour is a great way to experience the history and grandeur of Istanbul's Ottoman Empire. This tour allows visitors to explore the breathtaking Topkapi Palace, the home of the sultans and their court for centuries, and its fascinating Harem, where the royal family lived in seclusion. With a knowledgeable guide leading the way, visitors can learn about the palace's intricate architecture, lavish decorations, and priceless collections of art and artifacts. The Harem section, which was once off-limits to all but the royal family, offers a rare glimpse into the personal lives and secrets of the Ottoman sultans and their concubines. The tour also provides insights into the customs and traditions of the Ottoman Empire and its impact on the world today. Booking the Topkapi Palace & Harem Tour is a must for anyone interested in history, culture, and architecture, and it guarantees an unforgettable experience in one of the most iconic and historic sites in Turkey.

Topkapi Palace & Harem Tour

The Topkapi Palace and Harem Tour is a must-see attraction in Istanbul for history and architecture lovers. The Topkapi Palace Museum served as the main residence of Ottoman sultans for nearly four centuries, and it has been converted into a museum since 1924. The palace is a beautiful display of Ottoman architecture and design, featuring lush gardens, ornate courtyards, and opulent rooms. The Harem, a separate section of the palace where the sultan's family and concubines lived, is equally impressive with its intricate tile work and beautiful architecture.

On this tour, visitors will explore the palace's four courtyards and learn about the daily lives of the Ottoman sultans and their families. They will also visit the Harem and see the lavish living quarters of the sultan's wives and concubines. Additionally, the tour includes a visit to the museum's collection of Ottoman artifacts, including jewelry, weapons, and textiles. With a knowledgeable guide to provide historical context and insights, the Topkapi Palace and Harem Tour offers a fascinating glimpse into the opulent world of the Ottoman Empire.

What is Included inTopkapi Palace & Harem Tour

  • Skip-the-line tickets for Topkapi Palace and the Harem section
  • Expert local guide with excellent knowledge of the history and culture of the palace
  • Small group tour to ensure personalized attention and a more immersive experience
  • Galataport pickup if you provide ship details
  • Guided tour of the Harem, the private quarters of the Ottoman sultans and their families
  • Chance to see the stunning architecture and intricate tilework of the palace
  • Opportunity to learn about the fascinating history and culture of Istanbul and the Ottoman Empire

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  • Explore the lavish Topkapi Palace and Harem and experience the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire
  • Learn about the rich history and culture of Istanbul as you tour the Treasury, Holy Relics, and Imperial Kitchens
  • See the private quarters and home of the Sultans in the Harem, a place previously closed off to the public
  • Admire the stunning flower beds and panoramic views of the Golden Horn from the outer terraces
  • Be guided by a local and professional guide with insider knowledge of Istanbul, who will share their passion for the city and its history
  • Enjoy priority access tickets to both sites, avoiding the long queues and allowing for a more relaxed experience
  • Choose a small-group tour for a personalized and interactive experience, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and engage with your guide and fellow travelers
  • Receive recommendations from your guide for further exploration and discoveries in Istanbul, ensuring that your experience is both enriching and enjoyable.

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Video of Topkapi Palace and Harem Tour

Take a Tour to Topkapi Palace and Harem

Embark on an enriching journey through history with a tour of Topkapi Palace and its captivating Harem. Explore the palace's opulent courtyards, chambers adorned with timeless artistry, and discover the treasures that once graced Ottoman sultans. Venture into the Harem's intimate world, where whispers of royal life unfold amidst intricate interiors. Unveil the stories of power, culture, and legacy within the walls of this iconic Istanbul landmark.

Know Before You Go Topkapi Palace & Harem Tour

Important Information
Best Time to Visit
How to Reach
  • Capture unforgettable memories by bringing your camera along for the tour
  • Ensure comfort during the moderate amount of walking required by wearing comfortable footwear
  • Although the ticket includes priority entry, please note that security lines cannot be avoided and may take up to 30 minutes during peak season.

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  •  Topkapi Palace is a destination that can be visited at any time of the year, but there are certain periods when the weather is more agreeable and the crowds are thinner.
  • For a comfortable experience, it is recommended to visit between March and May, or from September to November. During these times, the weather is pleasant and the prices for accommodations are reasonable. However, it's best to avoid visiting during late May and June, as the weather can be sweltering, and prices can be steep due to the peak tourist season. 
  • Additionally, Topkapi Palace is closed on Tuesdays, and there can be long queues on weekends. To avoid the crowds, it's advisable to visit on Monday and Thursday mornings. On Fridays, the Blue Mosque opens at 2:30 pm, which draws large crowds in the morning.

Opening Hour

During Winter: 9 AM to 4:45 PM

During Summer: 9 AM to 6 PM

Closed Dates: Topkapi Palace is closed on Tuesdays and first day of Ramadan

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There are two options to reach the Topkapi palace:

Option 1: By Car/Taxi

The distance to the palace is 50 km and can be covered by taking a taxi or Uber from Istanbul airport in about 40-45 minutes. This option is hassle-free but costs approximately Rs 1500.

Option 2: By Bus

The second option is to walk 250 meters to Istanbul Havalimani and take a bus to Sultanahmet. From Sultanahmet, it is a 400-meter walk to Topkapi Palace. This option takes close to 1 hour and 50 minutes.


Topkapi Palace Museum, Cankurtaran, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

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  • To enhance your tour experience, we have compiled a few tips to navigate the crowds:
  • Book tickets online in advance to avoid long queues and save time.
  • For a more peaceful visit, plan your tour on a Monday morning, the least crowded day.
  • Note that the palace is more crowded in the morning on Fridays due to the Blue Mosque being closed until 2:30 pm, so it's best to plan your visit on a different day.
  • Winter is a great time to visit if you don't mind the cold, as the palace is less crowded and you can enjoy a more relaxed tour.

FAQ’s of Topkapi Palace and Harem Tour

How long does the Topkapi Palace Harem tour take?

The Topkapi Palace Harem tour usually takes around 30-45 minutes, but can vary depending on the size of the group and level of interest in the exhibits. Visitors are advised to allocate at least 2-3 hours for a full exploration of the palace complex.

How can I buy tickets for the Topkapi Palace Harem tour?

Tickets for the Topkapi Palace Harem tour can be purchased at the palace ticket office or online through the official website. It is recommended to book in advance during peak season to avoid long queues.

What can I see during the Topkapi Palace Harem tour?

During the Topkapi Palace Harem tour, visitors can see the private living quarters of the Ottoman sultans and their families, including the queen mother, concubines, and eunuchs. Highlights include the Courtyard of the Black Eunuchs, the Apartments of the Queen Mother, and the Golden Road.

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Is photography allowed during the Topkapi Palace Harem tour?

Photography is not permitted inside the Topkapi Palace Harem due to the fragility of the artifacts and the privacy of the former residents. However, photography is allowed in other parts of the palace complex, as long as visitors do not use flash or tripods.

How long is the queue for Topkapi Palace?

The queue for Topkapi Palace can vary depending on the time of day and season. During peak tourist season, the queue can be quite long and visitors may need to wait for up to an hour or more. It is recommended to arrive early or book tickets online to avoid long queues.

How do I book the Topkapi Palace and Harem Tour?

To book the Topkapi Palace and Harem Tour, you can visit the official museum website, book through our website, or book in person at the museum. It's recommended to book in advance.

What is special about Topkapi Palace?

In addition to serving as the residence for the Ottoman sultans, Topkapı Palace also functioned as the central hub for administration and education within the state.

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