Things to Do Near Topkapi Palace

Activities to Do Near Topkapi Palace

Located in the heart of Istanbul, Topkapi Palace stands as a timeless symbol of the city's rich history and cultural heritage. While the palace itself is a mesmerizing attraction, the surrounding area offers a plethora of captivating activities and sights that should not be missed. Embarking on a Bosphorus Cruise Tour is an essential experience, granting visitors the opportunity to witness the city's stunning skyline from the waters and appreciate the seamless blend of modernity and tradition.

Within a short distance from Topkapi Palace lies the remarkable Basilica Cistern, an underground marvel that transports visitors to an ancient world of intricate architecture and mystical ambiance. Delving further into Istanbul's past, travelers can explore the opulent Dolmabahce Palace, a grandiose structure that once housed the Ottoman sultans. The iconic Galata Tower beckons with panoramic views of the city, serving as an ideal spot for capturing breathtaking photos.

Other top things to do near Topkapi Palace include the awe-inspiring Hagia Sophia, the majestic Süleymaniye Mosque, and the captivating Sultanahmet Square, each offering a glimpse into Istanbul's storied past. For those eager to indulge in some retail therapy, the vibrant Grand Bazaar awaits, brimming with an array of colorful shops and stalls offering traditional Turkish goods. Lastly, the Archaeology Museum Istanbul presents an opportunity to delve further into the region's rich history and archaeological treasures.

With a tapestry of captivating experiences, the area surrounding Topkapi Palace promises a memorable and enchanting journey through Istanbul's cultural and historical wonders.

Take a Bosphorus Cruise Tour

Rated as one of the most entertaining Activities to do near Topkapi Palace, the Bosphorus cruise is a treat to your eyes for beautiful sightseeing. Sailing across the serene waters of Bosphorus, you can see the historical monuments of Turkey like Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Dolmabahce Palace, and many more along with the city’s modern architecture of tall buildings and bridges. Bosphorus cruise is enough to make your day with beautiful sightseeing, the tastiest meal along with live performances to enjoy on board.

Visit Basilica Cistern

Most unique out of all the Activities to do near Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern, Turkey’s largest and most mysterious cistern, is one of the most visited tourist spots in the country. Sheltering 336 columns along with the whopping capacity of storing 100,000 tons of water, Basilica Cistern has been useful to the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Made beautifully in the architecture of the Byzantines, the Basilica Cistern possesses the two strange inverted Heads of Medusa, the demonic entity- that no one knows why!

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Explore Dolmabahce Palace

Ranking number one on the Top Things to do near Topkapi Palace, exploration of the large Dolmabahce Palace is the most meaningful thing that you can ever do. Holding a historical significance, this palace has been the last of the Ottomans followed by its conversion into a museum. Guided tours take you inside the Dolmabahce palace to explore every section with utmost care knowing about its history and heritage. The large complex possesses four large gardens made in the Turkish style while the interior is made by the touch of the west.

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Visit Galata Tower

Visit Galata Tower if you are wondering about the Top things to do near Topkapi Palace. The beautiful tall tower was once the city’s tallest structure and was used as a lighthouse to protect the city from fire. In today’s times, you can check out the floor dedicated to Byzantine architecture along with the floors possessing the Ottoman touch.

Used as a dungeon in the past, this Tower is all fun with an observation deck making you see the serene waters of Bosphorus making it to the list of best Activities to do near Topkapi Palace, you can enjoy your tastiest meal in the restaurant and dance to the coolest tunes on the top-floor nightclub.

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Admire the Hagia Sophia

Paying respect to the Hagia Sophia mosque, which holds historical and religious importance for 1400+ years, is one of the most blissful things to do near Topkapi Palace. The upper gallery shows the best of Byzantine styles along with the wonders of Ottoman architecture. The rectangular-shaped central dome along with the two supportive domes are shined by the sun rays making their way through the beautiful arched windows. The beautiful mosque maintains its calm atmosphere despite being overcrowded with tourists.

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Explore Sultanahmet Square

Known commonly as the first place to be explored by tourists in Istanbul, you may choose to explore it as a part of things to do near Topkapi Palace if you haven’t seen it yet. Lying close in the vicinity of the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Topkapi Palace Museum, this place was once used for social and leisure activities. You can see the historical sights of the Serpentine Column, the Colossus, the Egyptian Obelisk, and the German Fountain as a part of your exploration of the best activities to do near Topkapi Palace.

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Admire the Architecture of the Süleymaniye Mosque

If you still have the time to explore, Suleymaniye mosque is one of the best activities to do near Topkapi Palace. Holding great religious significance throughout the history of Turkey, the mosque contains 10 galleries in the corners of the four minarets depicting the rule of Sultan Suleiman as the 10th Ottoman Sultan. The mosque dedicated to the magnificent sultan also marks the burial site of the Sultan, his wife, and two daughters. The central dome of the mosque represents the universal culture of the Turks while the architectural wonders include Iznik Style tiles and white marble mihrab.

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Shopping at Grand Bazaar

Visit the world’s oldest shopping mall, the Grand Bazaar as part of your exploration of the things to do near Topkapi Palace. The bazaar offers you 4000 shops to buy from including restaurants to eat at. Famous for selling cool Turkish metalware, apparel, ceramics, and jewelry, the grand bazaar offers you the best of all the items at cheap prices, also you may choose to be bargaining- the culture of bazaars.

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Visit Archaeology Museum Istanbul

If you want to historically explore more as part of the best things to do near Topkapi Palace, visiting the archaeological museum of Turkey is the best option. The Archaeology Museum is a part of the Istanbul Archaeological Museum containing three museums including the Ancient Orient Museum and the Islamic Art Museum. Known for presenting the collections of pre-Islamic heritage, this underrated museum showcases wonders from Byzantine, Ottoman, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and Assyrian civilizations.

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FAQs for Things to Do Near Topkapi Palace

Which are the best experiences near Topkapi palace?

Here is the list of best things to do near Topkapi Palace:

  1. Bosphorus Cruise Tour: Embark on a scenic cruise along the Bosphorus Strait, witnessing the beauty of Istanbul's skyline and iconic landmarks from the water. The tour offers a unique perspective and the chance to capture stunning photographs of the city's architectural wonders.
  2. Basilica Cistern Exploration: Venture beneath the surface to explore the mysterious Basilica Cistern, an ancient subterranean reservoir with its iconic Medusa columns. The dimly lit atmosphere and reflective waters create a captivating ambiance, transporting visitors to a bygone era.
  3. Hagia Sophia Marvel: Visit the awe-inspiring Hagia Sophia, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and be enthralled by its mesmerizing blend of Byzantine and Ottoman architecture. The grand dome, intricate mosaics, and rich history make it an unmissable cultural experience.
  4. Grand Bazaar Shopping: Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of the Grand Bazaar, one of the world's oldest and largest covered markets. Explore a labyrinth of stalls selling everything from spices to textiles, and engage in the art of bargaining while immersing in Turkey's bustling market culture.
  5. Süleymaniye Mosque Serenity: Discover the tranquility of the Süleymaniye Mosque, one of Istanbul's most magnificent Ottoman mosques. Admire the stunning architecture, serene courtyards, and panoramic views of the city, offering a peaceful escape from the bustling streets of Istanbul. No doubt this is one of the best activities to do near Topkapi Palace.

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What is interesting about Hagia Sophia?

Hagia Sophia operated both as a church and mosque in the past. Hagia Sophia possesses Byzantine architecture along with the Ottoman touch. This place was a former church but after the fall of the city of Constantinople, this place was turned into a mosque by Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror.

The sultan preserved the Byzantine carvings by whitewashing the entire place, which is one of the reasons for the remains of the beautiful architecture of Hagia Sophia. Another interesting thing about the Hagia Sophia mosque is that it maintains a blissful atmosphere as it is explored by hundreds of tourists every day.

Why Galata Tower is famous?

Galata Tower was historically operated as a watch tower for fire and a dungeon in the Ottoman era while it was the “Tower of Christ” in ancient times. Today this place is famous for historical artifacts about the histories of the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire along with the place of leisure.

Is it worth going up the Galata Tower?

Yes, it is worth going up to Galata Tower to sightsee the beautiful water of the Bosphorus and the city of Istanbul and for enjoying your meal making it one of the best Things to do near Topkapi Palace.

Why is the Blue Mosque so famous?

Blue Mosque is famous because it has beautiful architecture containing blue tiles and is a burial site of Sultan Ahmed, his consort, and three sultan sons.

Why was the Basilica Cistern built?

The Basilica Cistern was constructed by Justinian the Great to provide the facility of water in the ancient city of Byzantine.

Who discovered Basilica Cistern?

The Basilica Cistern was discovered by the Dutch traveler P. Gyllius who came to Istanbul to explore the Byzantine ruins in the mid-16th century.

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When was the Basilica cistern built?

Basilica Cistern was built in the year 532.

What was Sultanahmet Square used for?

Sultanahmet Square was known as the Hippodrome of Constantinople serving as a racing track for sporting, social, and leisure activities of the city.

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